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Should Kitchen & Bathroom Designs Match?

The Best Designs Will Create a Beautiful Flow!

No one wants people to sarcastically say, “Wow, your home really has an obvious theme here.” OR “Wow, great designs and colours, which styles would you call all of this…?!”

  • Is there such a thing as too much of a specific colour?
  • Is design style confusion a real problem – and how does it translate to the flow of your home?

The short answer is No. The designed spaces do not have to “match”. The long answer is they should “Flow” in one way or another. And if you don’t know where to start, don’t worry we have you covered with our expert designers! Or Keep Reading…

Merit Kitchens Custom Cabinets and Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Calgary

A custom kitchen designer will ask you the questions for needs, wants, likes, must-have’s and nice-to-have’s, and they all include colour and style hints that will help your designer find the right balance for you and your space. Even using different colours, the finished spaces will still flow.

Design Tips | Cabinetry Colour Choices:

If you choose dark cabinet colours for your kitchen, but have a smaller bathroom space, a dark cabinet could create a smaller feel.

  • Opting for lighter cabinet colours in smaller spaces is a fresh and light easy design rule.
  • Using the same cabinet style in opposite colours for different spaces can help to create a design flow where the size of your space is a factor.
  • Creating a master bath with your favorite colour can be great… for you. But when your favorite colour is not so popular among the rest of your household, or may not enhance the value of your home investment long term, it may no longer be such a great idea.

Bathroom Moods Compared to Sizzling Kitchens

Isn’t the bathroom a place of escape from the everyday craziness of the household? Is it not a place for inner serene thoughts and quiet life contemplations? (Okay, we may be thinking way too deep for interior design). The point is, a design that may be great in one space, is not always good in another. One colour in the bathroom, may not be great for the kitchen, and vice-versa.

Merit Kitchens Custom Cabinets and Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Calgary

To create a fun and energized kitchen space for culinary masterpiece creations, and a serene escape for bath time get-a-ways where both designs can flow into one continuousness space, here are more design tips from the pros.

Decor | Walls | Floors:  

  • Using softer or neutral colours in all spaces can be an effective way to harmonize different types and sizes of spaces.
  • Using the same flooring is an easy way to bring cohesion through each room. Some flooring materials are not water friendly, so this needs a bit of consideration early in your renovation or remodel process.
  • Wall colours are another way to bring unity throughout. And wall colour is much easier to experiment with than most other design elements.
  • Tile choices in your kitchen and bathroom designs can be made with each other in mind. Although often a different size of tiles is used for different spaces of your bathroom, some tile patterns and colours do come in a variety of sizes. If that is not available, look to blending tile colour or styles.
  • Colour harmony can be brought into any space with décor items. Still keep in mind, the ‘Less-is-more’ rule of thumb, it usually applies to interior decorating.
Merit Kitchens Custom Cabinets and Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Calgary

Of course, our most important advice is to have a complimentary design consultation with one of our kitchen and bathroom experts.

Our designers know how to help you make decisions more confidently and informatively, while blending your own style and colour preferences.