Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Turn your dream kitchen remodel into your reality

Your kitchen is more than just a space

It’s a reflection of who you are, what you value, where you fuel your family, and how you live.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 1

Optimize Your Kitchen and Bathroom Spaces

In a modern home, the kitchen has become the gathering place. The space where your family begins their day over breakfast and regroups for dinner to share the news of their day. Merit Kitchens has been evolving alongside kitchen trends since 1971 and we understand what this space means to you. At Merit Kitchens we want to help turn your dream kitchen remodel into a reality. At our Calgary kitchen and bathroom showroom, homeowners can explore unique solutions for using cabinetry in their kitchens and bathrooms, and optimizing the space. A made-to-order Merit Kitchens cabinet solution will transform your home, ensuring your kitchen or bathroom remodel is not only functional, but also an echo of your personality and values.

Keep reading to learn more about how Merit Kitchens can support your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Or contact us today to book a showroom tour or an in-home design consultation.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 2

Starting a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel?

Beginning a kitchen or bathroom remodel is an exciting time, but it can also feel overwhelming. Merit Kitchens has been working with homeowners for decades, and we have the knowledge and experience to eliminate daunting thoughts, and put your mind at ease.

Firstly, we recommend visiting our Calgary kitchen and bathroom showroom. You will have the opportunity to speak with a design expert and begin to understand the potential your bathroom or kitchen remodel holds. Together we will find your inspiration and ensure we understand your end goals.

We have all walked into a friend’s home and felt sudden envy when we see their kitchen – trust us, you’re not alone. Take a step back and ask yourself, what was it about that kitchen or bathroom that connected with you? Was it the cabinetry style? Or was it the cabinetry materials, or maybe the colours? Whatever it was, harness that inspiration, and channel it into your own kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 3

Do It Yourself (DIY) v. Investing in an Expert

Do it yourself or DIY projects are more popular than ever, but when it comes to the two most important investment spaces in any home investment, we recommend you save your DIY ambitions for home décor, repainting your bedroom, the backyard, and other elements of your home that change with the seasons.  Custom cabinetry, or semi-custom cabinets is a specialty that requires experience and know-how. Merit Kitchens has over 5 decades of experience designing, building, and installing cabinetry in Calgary kitchens and bathrooms.

When you invest in the expertise of Merit Kitchens you should expect that The Merit Design Centre in Calgary will provide exceptional service from start to finish, helping your project run as smooth as possible. The process of remodeling your kitchen or bathroom requires a comprehensive understanding of cabinetry styles and designs, cabinetry constriction methods and materials, and cabinetry hardware. When you work with Merit Kitchens you should expect to be actively involved in the process from start to finish, and you should also expect the peace of mind that comes with seasoned experts designing, building, and installing your kitchen or bathroom cabinetry. Come on into the Calgary showroom to learn more about how the experienced team at Merit Kitchens can help you avoid a DIY disaster on your next kitchen remodel.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 4

Merit Kitchens Semi Custom Cabinets vs. Big Box Stores

Planning your kitchen or bathroom remodel requires a discerning eye for design, creating the ideal space for your lifestyle, within the limitations of your existing space. Most big box stores offer cookie cutter solutions, and the truth is these cabinet styles aren’t designed with your kitchen needs in mind, and they will not maximize your kitchen or bathroom space to its full potential.

Merit Kitchens offers semi-custom or made-to-order cabinets. This means that we work from a standardized selection of options to save you money, and we customize the cabinets needed to fit your space and style. Not only will we design, build, and install cabinets that optimize your kitchen or bathroom space, but we also work with some of the best suppliers of countertops, backsplashes, appliances, and everything else you will need to complete your dream remodel.

Merit Kitchens offers a huge selection of customizable cabinets, door styles and finishes; all covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Staying on budget for your kitchen or bathroom remodel doesn’t have to mean compromising for cookie cutter cabinets.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 5

Designing your Kitchen Cabinetry

When you are ready to kick-off your kitchen remodel project, we recommend contacting our Calgary Kitchen Design Showroom team. Merit Kitchens Calgary can be as involved as you want. So, whether you are looking for a hands-on designer for your advice on your entire kitchen design, or just to purchase beautiful cabinetry, our Calgary showroom will help.

Updating kitchen cabinetry is a proven way to add value to your home, but styles do change with time. The Merit Kitchens design team will work with you to ensure your style is reflected in your new cabinets, and that your new kitchen cabinets will transcend changing trends. Begin the process by collecting pictures and examples of kitchens that you are drawn to and share them with our design team. The next step will be documenting your space. Begin by drawing out the entire room, noting all the details including windows, doors, taps, outlets, and appliances. Then identify the functionality you are craving by creating a list of functional wants and needs.

The team at the Calgary kitchen showroom will take these details and work with you to develop cabinet solutions that will marry your style and functional needs while maximizing the potential of your space.

Step 6

Designing your Bathroom Cabinetry

One of the most challenging rooms in a home to design can be the bathroom. The typical bathroom is a small space that you are trying to make the most of. Bathrooms are full of innovative opportunities for cabinets, if you implement a holistic design approach, designing the space for style and functionality.

Bathroom remodels often do not get the attention to detail that your kitchen remodel does, but at Merit Kitchens we know this is a missed opportunity. When you begin your bathroom remodel, we encourage you to contact the Merit Kitchens Calgary Design Showroom. Our cabinet design experts have the experience to know what will work and what won’t. Come visit our Calgary bathroom showroom to see first-hand the limitless potential your bathroom remodel holds.

Custom Cabinets by Merit Kitchens

Step 7

Advice from Cabinetry Experts

Merit Kitchens celebrated our 50th anniversary in 2021, and we love sharing our decades of experience with homeowners. If you are considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, we encourage you to visit our Calgary showroom for direction in cabinetry and design.

Our team of cabinetry design experts are passionate about helping homeowners to optimize every inch of space, adding functionality to your kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen and bathroom remodels that are undertaken without the advice or input of a cabinetry expert, tend to miss opportunities ripe for increasing functionality and style. Before you make any decisions regarding your kitchen or bathroom remodel, stop in, and visit our Calgary Merit Kitchens Design Centre to speak with one of our experts, you won’t regret it!

Merit Kitchens Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Step 8

Cabinet Installation Process

We have installers for your Merit kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. The importance of experience that our cabinetry installation experts hold can not be overstated when considering your finished product. That’s why Merit Kitchens have joined forces with the best installers in Calgary. Our installation partners will complete your project efficiently and professionally. After your design consultation we will provide you with a list of installers for you to call upon or we can organize it all for you.

We recommend you leave the installation to the experts, but there are a few things a homeowner should prepare for in advance of the big day. Firstly, you should expect that all your new cabinetry and moulding arrives carefully wrapped, protecting it against scratches and dents during transport. Unwrapping cabinetry and preparing the space can take some time. Drawers and doors will be detached from the cabinetry to gain better access to the interior of the cases. Removing them also protects them from dents and scratches. They will be reattached and adjusted later. Your installer will begin installing base and upper wall cabinets. When the project is completed, you should expect that the installer removes all tools and cleans-up sawdust and debris to the best of their ability. You will want to do a final dusting and wipe down your new cabinetry once the installer has left. Be sure to read our cabinetry care recommendations to ensure the protection of your investment for years to come.

Merit Kitchens Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Calgary

Step 9

Budgeting for Your Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel

Developing a budget for your kitchen or Bathroom cabinetry is an essential step in the remodel process. While every project will be different depending on the scope of the project and the materials you select, there are some common tips and tricks for developing your remodel budget.

It is generally suggested that you keep the budget of your kitchen remodel within 15% of your home’s fair market value. When you are developing your remodel budget, always plan for unexpected additional expenses, some suggest allocating 10% for unforeseen expenses.
When you are developing your kitchen or bathroom remodel plans, consider more than just upfront costs. Sometimes making a larger investment today will save you money tomorrow. Finally, once you have developed your budget, it is time to reflect and review. What in this remodel plan is a want, and what is a need? Conducting a need vs want list can be a great way to ensure you start at the must haves, and allow the budget to drive the frills, as it’s very easy to let your dreams float away rather than become reality.

At Merit Kitchens, we are proud to offer high end quality cabinetry for exceptional value. Our extensive offering of door styles, case material and finishes has something for every budget and style taste. Visit our Calgary showroom where a member of our team will gladly assist you with your new build or renovation needs and budget optimization.

Step 10

Selecting the Right Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinetry

When selecting the materials for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you will need to consider both the case and door material or wood species. For your cabinet cases, Merit Kitchens generally uses either plywood or a very strong particleboard. The kind of plywood you find in home-centers and hardware stores is often used in home construction – not cabinets. Maple or Birch is usually favored for high quality cabinetry plywood. Merit Kitchens carefully selects high quality furniture-grade Birch plywood for its case material. Particleboard is free from knots and can be produced in any size, density, and quality. It is strong, durable, and consistent in size, shape, and thickness.

Likely one of the most important decisions you will make when completing a kitchen or bathroom remodel is selecting the species of wood that you use for your cabinet doors. Every species of wood delivers a different look and its own advantages. Merit Kitchens offers cabinets in cherry, maple, red oak, alder, Maple, Walnut and Engineered Wood Veneer Cabinet Doors. Each of these options will compliment your space in different ways and prices do vary.

To learn more about the wide variety of materials available when you work with Merit Kitchens, visit our Calgary showroom and speak with one of our experts.