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Interior Designers-On-A-Budget – Can I Afford To Hire One?

Can you afford not to have a designer is the better question.   Our designers come with the purchase of your kitchen cabinet package.  Designers add great value to …

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How Do I Know If I Need a Kitchen Designer?

If you have a kitchen, and you want to optimize every inch while adding functionality and of course beauty, then you should, at the very least, consult with a …

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How Long Does a Kitchen Design & Remodel Take?

The design process itself typically takes 5-6 weeks from the in-home design consultation to final design approval. Side Note: We have seen final design approvals happen within two weeks, …

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Crowded Kitchen Renovation Project

Designing with purpose is very evident with this kitchen renovation project. This outdated and oddly crowded kitchen got the makeover the homeowners had always wanted. Sticking to your kitchen renovation …

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Designing with Purpose

Think of the old adage “Age before beauty”. But of course we want to age gracefully. For your kitchen it’s “Function before beauty”.  But of course you want it …

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