Can you afford not to hire a designer is the better question.

Designers add great value to your kitchen and bathroom projects. Not only do they ensure you are steered in the right direction, help fit everything needed into your budget and space availability, but they will also make sure you are not sold anything you don’t want or need.

Many times, we see vendor’s present materials that are way out of the homeowner’s budget range or is the opposite of what you prefer in colors and design styles, etc. We’re not saying anyone does this on purpose; it’s more that designers are trained to listen to the client and make sure they are presented with what they need at price points that make sense.

We also assist the homeowner in managing the project from a timeline and budget perspective. Designers are always striving to stay on top of material delivery schedules and installation processes.

When you hire a designer you are in essence hiring your team. And if they are great at their craft, they will help you get to the point where beauty, function and design have merged to form your dream space… which is priceless.