The design process itself typically takes 1 – 2 months from the first in-home consultation meeting to sign off on designs. But we have finished designs and had sign off in two weeks, so this can really vary on the homeowner knowing what they want, or not too sure and needing to see a few designs to be sure they will love their finished space, etc.

The remodel timeline depends on size and the type of kitchen you have now and what changes are needed, if any, to accommodate a new design. The average kitchen renovation takes 7 – 8 weeks once design plans are signed off, and material has been chosen and of course budgets are set and approved.

It’s always important that our client let us know if they have a timeline they need to meet. For example they need their new kitchen ready for a big family reunion happening around the holidays, or they want all renovations completed prior to the birth of their new baby, etc. This helps us plan with an end date in mind.

While we know an average kitchen renovation may take 8 weeks, but what if you have a very large kitchen, or complex space that needs other renovation services like a wall removed and support beam added, or a sub-floor rebuilt prior to new flooring going in, etc. These types of items can add a bit of time onto the schedule and we want to make sure it all gets done properly the first time, so you have peace of mind for a lifetime.

During the initial design process we will identify the needs of your kitchen and create an estimated timeline for each component of your renovation. Once we have that, you will have your estimate of time for your new space to be finished. If this fits with your needs then we can start straight away, if it does not, we may suggest to hold off until a later date, or we will come up with creative ways for you to remain in your home safely, while the construction process is proceeding.